Mitt Romney for President…FOR REAL!!!  If you don’t know him by now then you soon will because this former Governor of Massachussetts is really beginning to build up a ton of momentum in the national polls.  There’s still a ton of work to do and a ton of people to convince, but if you get to know him then you will undoubtedly come to the conclusion that there is no alternative.  He’s the only person with ideas that can be considered original and “non-systematic” of Washington D.C. and he’s the only man in the entire field (left or right) who has the moral compass necessary to lead us as leaders rightly should!  Mitt Romney will be POTUS and will go down as one of the best American Presidents in our nation’s history…but only if YOU allow him to be by voting for him!

  A lot of people have made an issue about Mitt Romney’s religious background as being his sole weakness, but I contend that issue to the fullest.  His religious background should be looked at as an absolute strength because it is his core religious belief that the American family is the most important factor in the society that we live in and it is the American family that is under attack.  Without a strong family unit there can be no collective strength for America as a whole.  It is his religious belief that all men were created equal…exactly as the Constitution states.  You will never be able to say that Mitt Romney made a decision because his religion dictated it and you will never see his religion enter the arena of politics because they simply do not do that.  Unlike other religions who endorse candidates during the middle of their Sunday sermons, his religion is completely apolitical regardless of religious affiliation.  If that isn’t refreshing then I don’t know what is!  Mitt Romney is considered to be the “King Midas” of the business world and every business he has gotten his hands on have benefited immensely from his decision making abilities and leadership.  This is EXACTLY what we need in Washington D.C. and if the media were to allow the people to view Governor Romney as an individual instead of a religious icon then he would certainly be leading the GOP field of potential nominees by high double-digits!  Romney recently made an address at Regent University where he calmly and collectedly spoke about someone other than himself, which is something one could expect from any other political nominee.  Here is an excerpt from his speech, which is being talked about around the country as his “Deep Waters” speech: 

‘Over the years, I have watched a number of people live out their lives in shallow water. In the shallows, life is all about yourself – your job, your money, your rights, your needs, your ideas, your comforts. In the deeper waters, life is about others – spouse, family, friends, faith, community, country. In the deep waters, there are challenging ideas, opposing opinions, protracted battles of consequence. You are, of course, giving a great deal of thought to your career. The economic environment may be more turbulent and competitive than my generation has known. Some of you will be tempted to stay near shore, where there are no big breakers and where you will never make any waves. Others will push beyond the sandbar, pursuing new frontiers, exploring new ideas, driving to achieve, to learn, to influence, to contribute. If there ever was a time for great Americans, great and good Americans, Americans who are willing to cross into the deep waters of life, it is now. You cross into the deep waters by marrying and raising good children. There is no work more important to America’s future that the work that is done within the four walls of the American home. You cross into the deep waters by driving yourself in your education and in your avocation beyond the safe and comfortable, to reach new insights, to make contributions, to serve. You cross into the deep waters by serving in your church, in your community, in the military, in government or in volunteer service. I am optimistic about the future of America because I have seen the spirit and heart of the American people.’ 

I don’t know how anyone can listen to what Governor Romney has to say and not be completely blown away by his candor, professionalism, and decency.  If he is not sitting in the Oval Office by January of 2009 then it will not be Mitt Romney who lost, but rather the American people and the people of the world who look to America as the “lead dog”. Mitt Romney for president…FOR REAL!