Had I known that the major prerequisite for Iowans considering whom to vote for (president of the United States) was to simply be a pastor, preacher, or evengelical freakazoid then I would have become ordained through an on-line surrogate and ran for office myself!  The mere fact that Governor Huckabee is using the predisposed bigotry of evengelical Christians is shameful enough for me to consider voting for myself as a write-in candidate or for the Independent or Libertarian candidate if he is eventually chosen as the GOP nominee! 

“I’d like to ask that same person who voted for Huckabee if they would have still voted for him if he were a Mormon.  I’m guessing that the answer to that question would incredibly easy to figure out…thus proving my assumption of religious manipulation and bigotry.”  – Nostromos, 2008

Did any of the Iowan pinheads consider Huckabee’s past record as a moderate conservative…at best?  Did any of them even care to realize how lenient he has been on giving away tax dollars to illegal immigrants?  I’m not proposing myself as an expert in all political matters, but it seems to me that by giving tuition assistance to illegal immigrants while making blue collar Americans pay for theirs is not only ridiculous, but downright offensive in the highest degree!  I’m also not too sure about how responsible it is to give illegal immigrants access to driving licenses especially since the advent of globalized terrorism aimed squarely at our front door!

Another thing that has rarely been discussed and is doubtful that the masses of home-schooled evengelical bigots even considered before casting their vote for the Huckster is the enormous black-eye Mike Huckabee cast upon himself as a man and his administration as a leader is the disgusting reality that he pardoned hundreds of convicts during his time as Governor of the state of Arkansas.  One of the people he personally sought after to pardon (by personally administering massive amounts of pressure to the parole board) was a convicted rapist and murderer.  After he pardoned him, the sick S.O.B. headed west to Kansas City and murdered a newly wed couple.  Two people who had just took the plunge to begin their lives together anew were snuffed out of existence simply because of the wreckless act of Gov. Huckabee.  This is inexcuseable for any leader we trust to protect us.  It is more than inexcuseable.  It is disgusting and highly aggrivating…but I guess the “Christian” voters of the great state of Iowa didn’t care about that.  How many convicts did Romney pardon after his governorship?  The answer: NONE!  Now, that speaks volumes about the type of man Romney is especially when compared to the type of man Huckabee is.

I guess the highly intelligent and fair-minded home-schoolers of Iowa also didn’t care that Huckabee used his standing as Governor to solicit gifts from peers during his highly dubious “recomittment ceremony” with his wife.  It was very crafty of him to have such a “ceremony” while Governor of a state because it allowed him to recieve massive amounts of gifts from “outsiders” enabling him to “keep it off the books”.  Did the massive “Christian” voting block in Iowa even care that he registered for gifts at dozens of retailers across the state?  Do the fair-minded evengelicals of Iowa even care that he manipulated the system in an effort to extort gain?

Now, I don’t use the word “bigot” too easily.  In fact, I’ve had a hard time remembering instances where I have used that word to describe a group of people in the past.  The reason I use it so easily in this regards is because of the way Huckabee used his status as “pastor” to manipulate the emotions of people concerned with values.  I believe that the people who voted for Huckabee are good, decent people who are concerned with the well-being of themselves, their families, and the core values of our great land.  I also believe that they purposely jumped from the Romney camp to the Huckabee camp because of nothing more than denominational politics directly involved with religion.  Huckabee used the fact that Romney is a devout Mormon to cast fear and doubt into the minds of people who simply don’t know a thing about Mormonism.  What does Mormonism or Baptist preaching have to do with leadership in the highest office of our nation?  Well…I’m still scratching my head over that one, too!  IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH IT and Huckabee knows it, but he also knows that the ignorance of people regarding the Mormon faith was something he could once again exploit for his personal gain.

Mormons are every bit as “Christian” as Baptists, but after this despicable display of religious bigotry I would even go as far as to say that Mormons are MORE Christian than their counterparts because they would NEVER bail on the person who had more promise and more vision and more ability to lead our country simply because of religious affiliation.  There’s no way this would happen and the proof is in the past.  Mormons have voted for and ardently supported the candidate they have deemed more equipped for decades!  They have never abandoned a candidate at the last minute because of religious exploitation or because he “wasn’t Christian enough”.  Never has there been this amount of religious exploitation and bigotry in presidential politics and it’s hard to sit back and watch. 

Side by side, Huckabee and Romney value the same thing.  They both pray to the same God, too.  They both love their families and are both actively engaged in the good cause of their religious conviction.  They are both Christian and there is absolutely no way to prove otherwise.  Mormons are Christians and anyone who says otherwise is either a full-blown bigot seething with hate or simply ignorant.  I’d like to think that Iowans are just ignorant because I don’t think they’re capable of seething hatred.  After all…they’re “Christian”, right?

It’s obvious who the GOP candidates fear the most by watching the recent debate in New Hampsire.  No one was attacked more viciously than Mitt Romney and it was a combined effort by everyone in the debate…except for Ron Paul (but no one takes him seriously anyways).  Why else would the attack efforts be combined against Mitt Romney if they didn’t realize that he’s the only one who could ruin their individual dreams of sitting in the Oval Office?  The Democrats have long sense realized this and have focused their vitriol on Mitt Romney for months now!  In fact, the left-wing political spectrum would love nothing more than to see a Mike Huckabee nomination because he would be effortlessly defeated by anyone the left would nominate.  Ron Paul would fare better in national polls against a major democratic nominee than Mike Huckabee would and it has everything to do with religious fanaticism.  Couple that with the things that I’ve noted above and it makes for a very easy road for democrats.

Did Iowans even care to consider electability in a national campaign when they allowed their Christian bigotry to rise above everything else?  The sooner the GOP is able to calm down the religious right wing of their party the better it will be for the party and for the nation.  Currently, the GOP is being hijacked by the zealous and motivated Christian right who can’t see the forrest for the trees.  Personally, I’m tired of seeing the party that Reagan built be controlled and manipulated by people who go to church every week, cry about abortion, but fully accept the death penalty and the pardoning of murderous convicts.  It’s such an incredible double standard that there really isn’t anything else to consider other than pure bigotry when trying to think of a word to describe the massive evengelical voting block.

The only political capital that Mike Huckabee has attained is his support of the Fair Tax (consumption tax), which none of the other candidates have verbalized.  The mere fact that the Huckster hasn’t elluded to this since his recent surge is making me question whether or not he’d even try to enact that Fair Tax IF elected president.  Why isn’t he using this widely supported tax plan to his advantage?  It makes no sense at all and is very telling as to what type of individual he really is.  He’s fine with manipulating the media into airing his highly negative campaign ads FOR FREE while blasting Romney for using “attack ads” that simply show the people exactly what the Huckster did in the past!  Meanwhile, he takes every FREE opportunity to jab Romney in the NH debate along with his fellow cohorts.  For some reason, it’s okay to gang up and attack Romney in the debates, but it’s not right that Romney airs negative ads about his opponents past records.  Talk about hypocrisy!  Isn’t Huckabee supposed to be the “Christian candidate”?  Seems to me that he’s speaking like a true politician…OUT OF BOTH SIDES OF HIS MOUTH!

I pray that America (more specifically, the “Christian right wing” and conservatives) will think clearly, unemotionally, and objectively when deciding who to vote for in the coming primaries.  We need a man who can compete with whomever the democrats choose to nominate and I promise you that a southern Baptist preacher with a background of manipulation is NOT that person.  John McCain, Rudy Giuliani, Mitt Romney, and Fred Thompson have a MUCH better chance at winning the general election than Mike Huckabee does.  Anyone who doesn’t realize this is probably a self-proclaimed evengelical who swears they are not a bigot.  I’d like to ask that same person who voted for Huckabee if they would have still voted for him if he were a Mormon.  I’m guessing that the answer to that question would incredibly easy to figure out…thus proving my assumption of religious manipulation and bigotry.