John McCain certainly shook things up today with his surprising choice of Sarah Palin as his running mate for the 2008 election.  While most people were expecting a strong and sensible choice (such as Mitt Romney), John McCain proved once again that he just doesn’t care what the rest of America (and more importantly, the rest of his party) thinks or wants.  His decision shows us exactly what this man does best, which is play the political game.

During the primaries, John McCain proved to all of us how far he is willing to go in order to win his party’s nomination.  By insulting Mitt Romney with a plethora of unprofessional and immoral tactics and teaming up with Mike Huckabee during individual state primaries (in order to beat Mitt Romney), McCain proved that he is willing to do and say just about anything in order to win in politics.  He rivals the Machiavellian style of Bill and Hillary Clinton, but without all of the baggage and scandals.  Now, after he has all but secured the nomination for the republican party, John McCain choose to win the election rather than put America first.  He had every opportunity to grab Mitt Romney as his running mate and to use his economic and leadership genius to keep America strong, successful, and full of hope for the future.  Instead, he decided to use a gimmick and select a “woman” running mate in order to appease the disgruntled Hillary supporters who claim to feel left out by Obama’s decision not to vet Hillary Clinton as his running mate.

Yes, there is no mistake with this one…this is a total and absolute gimmick designed to give patronage to “Reagan democrats” rather than extend an olive branch to his party’s core constituency.  A gimmick that rivals nothing else ever attempted in political history due to the recent developments between Obama and Clinton.  A gimmick designed to trick feminists, moderate democrats, and Hillary supporters into crossing party lines and voting for him in November rather than cast a vote for Obama.  This is something that isn’t terribly surprising considering the source.  McCain has labeled himself via a smooth marketing campaign as the “Maverick” who drives the “Straight Talk Express”.  If anyone in the history of politics has outperformed McCain in self-marketing and tricky political maneuverings then that person is yet to be identified.  It could be argued that the Clintons have created and written the book on modern-day political Machiavellianism, but John McCain has perfected it by relying on his background as a P.O.W. during the Vietnam War.  Who would dare criticize McCain’s intentions as anything other than pure and sensible?  Who besides his democratic opponents, of course?!

Romney is the absolute most accomplished and tenured candidate to run for president since the days of Eisenhower (who was running as president due to his popularity as a tremendously successful military commander).  Everything Mitt Romney has touched has turned into gold, yet Americans (and more specifically, Mike Huckabee and his army of religious bigots) chose to hang their hats on the media-created fear of Mormonism as their reasoning not to vote for him.  While the state of Massachussetts was able to look past it and enjoy four years of the most successful state politics in history (for MA), the rest of America was too easily swayed by Huckabee’s crowd of home-schooled religious bigots as they smeared Romney and made him appear as something or someone to question and fear rather than to support and endorse.  There has never been a scandal in the life of Mitt Romney nor will there ever be.  Failure has never been a part of Romney’s resume, which is something that is quite impressive considering the venues he has thrown himself into (see: Winter Olympics, Salt Lake City as a perfect example of throwing himself into a complete mess and turning the situation into a raving unparalleled success).  I defy anyone to name another person more qualified, complete, talented, or perfect to run for president than Mitt Romney!

So, with the “Golden Boy” sitting in the bleachers just waiting for McCain to grab, he is once again ignored via a vast effort of political expediency by John McCain.  A political party that has never enshrouded itself into identity politics, class warfare, gender politics, or racial politics, seems to be heading down that road.  There’s not much good that can come from this and the only proof needed is to look at the modern-day democratic party.  They have carved out an identity of their entire party that is enveloped by individualism, class, religion, race, and pseudo-collectivism.  They have endorsed the handbook of Karl Marx (The Communist Manifesto) as their guide and the results have been catastrophic.  With congress enjoying approval ratings in the single digits (yes, that’s right…SINGLE DIGITS…) do we really need any more proof that the leaders of the democratic party are all in it for themselves?  Case in point: the thirteen wealthiest congressmen (or congresswomen) are ALL democrats!  That’s right…not one single republican pushes through the top thirteen in accumulative wealth!  This seems odd especially when one considers the mantra of the Left: we are our brother’s keeper.  The perfect example of their selfish political meanderings is the recent decision to go on vacation without creating a new energy policy.  It seems that Nancy Pelosi was more concerned with selling 5,000 copies of her book than she was with helping the country resolve their failed energy policies of the past.  By the way, when someone sells 5,000 copies of their book it is NOT something to brag about.  In fact, it would be very safe to say that such a showing indicates a complete failure.  I couldn’t be happier about her failures as a woman, a writer, or as the Speaker of the House.  Everyone on the Right warned the country of what would happen if Pelosi were given the keys to the Capital Building…and no one listened.  Since the democrats took over in 2006 (campaigning on a platform of “change” just like Obama is), the economy has been crushed, inflation has increased at record levels, the US currency has been slapped around like a little orphan girl, and unemployment has inched above the 5% threshold for the first time in years!  Yes, that is definitely “change”.  It’s a change from good to bad…so it looks like no one can claim that the democrats weren’t being honest when they ran on a platform (marketing campaign) of “change”!

John McCain has followed their political handbook in lockstep since day one.  He has never hidden the fact that core conservative values don’t agree with him.  Whether it’s his endorsement of Al Gore’s multi-billion dollar global warming initiative, cap and trade carbon taxes, amnesty for illegal aliens, a vocal dissention of appointing Supreme Court Justices in the mold of Alito and Roberts, or campaign finance reform, John McCain has been upfront and honest about who he is all about.  We (all conservative Americans) are the ones to blame for putting our country in this position!  I can’t blame John McCain one single bit because he let all of us know (through is track record) just how much of a “Maverick” he really is, yet we fell for his P.O.W. sob story…hook, line, and sinker.  When we could have had the most incredible individual to run for president in over 100 years (not counting Reagan, of course) we instead allowed ourselves to be tricked into thinking that Mormons were scary people who couldn’t be trusted.  We allowed Mike Huckabee to derail the primary process from the very beginning (Iowa).  We allowed independent voters who have no intention to vote for a republican in November decide who we would nominate as our “guy” (New Hampshire).  Even with this underhanded approach towards manipulating the process (Huckabee and McCain) we still had an opportunity to have access to Romney’s unfettered talents as an unrivaled leader.  That opportunity was laid to rest on August 29th when McCain decided to “play politics” and employ a gimmick with his decision of a running mate.  A gimmick that will probably win him the election in November, but a gimmick that will most certainly leave the American people a little bit worse off than we could have been under the leadership of Romney.  McCain teased us during the past few months as his campaign leaked information that he was leaning towards tapping Lieberman, Ridge, or Crist as his running mate.  He teased us with his vetting of Mitt Romney and leaking to the press that his choice would more than likely include the former governor of Massachussetts.  But, when the day came, he stuck his finger in the eyes of all conservatives.  He reminded us all that his number one ambition is to go down in the history books as an American President…bar none.  He reminded us all…again…that he literally is ready and willing to say or do just about anything in order to win at politics.  Whether it be by cheating on his handicapped wife in order to secure a second marriage to a woman worth tens of millions of dollars (seems to be a rather popular tactic among America’s career politicians), or by flat-out lying to the faces of all Americans about Mitt Romney’s political intentions (regarding the war and having secret timetables of withdrawl), or by teaming up with liberals to create some of the most offensive legislations in modern times…John McCain is a very good career politician.  I don’t know about you, but I find it very hard to put my trust in a career politician…regardless of political party affiliation.

Now, I don’t have anything against Sarah Palin.  In fact, from what I’ve read about her and from what I’ve heard from her, I think she is a rather remarkable woman.  She certainly possesses the core values that every conservative wishes to see in their leaders, but is she the right person for this particular time?  No, she is not.  She is a mere pawn in the grand scheme of John McCain’s political ambitions.  She can’t be dumb enough not to realize that the only reason she was chosen was because of the fact that she sits down to pee, right?!  She can’t honestly think that she was chosen in front of Mitt Romney because she’s inherently more qualified, right?!  I can’t blame her for accepting the challenge as it would be an honor to serve as America’s “number two”, but I’d like to think that in the back room discussions that she must have had with Senator McCain she at least made it known to him that she recognized why she was being vetted and why she was actually being chosen.  If I somehow knew that she had initial reservations about McCain’s decision or that she somehow made it known to McCain that what he was trying to do was ridiculous and low then I would be able to hold my head up high as a conservative and proudly cast my vote against Obama.  I would, in fact, be voting against Obama rather than for McCain because there’s no way in hell I could ever bring myself to vote for a man such as John McCain! 

Since I don’t know Palin’s intentions or reservations, I can’t allow myself to assume.  Therefore, I am still 100% at peace with my decision to NOT vote for John McCain.  I’d much rather waste my vote on Bob Barr or vote for a write-in candidate (Mitt Romney, of course) than pull the lever for a man whom I have no respect for.  I don’t care that he was a P.O.W. and that he was tortured!  I’m not afraid to say that, either!  Thousands of men were tortured by their captors, but you don’t see any of those men riding the wave of sympathy from Americans into a life of politics, money, and power!  I CAN NOT BRING MYSELF TO VOTE FOR JOHN McCAIN!  If America is so enthralled by the “change politics” of Obama then I think we deserve him!  That’s right…I think we deserve the politics of Barack Obama!  Sometimes, we need to taste the bitter in order to appreciate the sweet.

Just remember that we have brought all of this upon ourselves!  It is our fault that the two people we are stuck with (Obama and McCain) are as enticing as hemorrhoids!  It’s completely our fault that we’ve become fixated on identity politics and whether or not we elect a woman or a minority rather than focusing on who is the best!  We will reap what we sow and unfortunately we have sown a disease infested crop.