* Note: when I first wrote this essay I had no idea that Boise State would end up beating Oklahoma in one of the best college football games since Notre Dame vs. Penn State in ’93!  The result of the Broncos beating up on the Sooners is that the evidence pointing towards the necessity of a BCS Playoff is now more important and legitimate than ever before!  Enjoy!

For the few who may end up reading this because you’re bored or lonely, it is my hope to educate you in an important issue that affects so many lives today.  No, I’m not referring to AIDS in Africa, the mistreatment of midgets, or the growing rates of pregnant women abusing crack cocaine!  The simple fact is, I’m not referring to anything that has to do with actual life or death (well, unless you’re a Vegas junkie with more on the line than your butt can vouch for or if you’re dealing with a couple of Soprano-like jug heads who want their money, plus interest…), but instead something that has everything to do with the greatest sport on God’s green earth!  College freakin’ football, baby!!!

In case you’re completely oblivious to the issue at hand, allow me to inform you of the growing hodgepodge and botheration of bugaboo corporate vandalism in the realm of NCAA football.  What we have here is a massive failure to communicate in the most basic of ways brought about by nothing more than pure despotism from corporate America and university presidents.  On one hand, you have the overwhelming majority of America screaming and clamoring for a playoff system (of some sort) that would finally and for the first time have the clear-cut national champion shining in the lights of football history!  On the other hand, you have the over-weight and greasy-haired fat cats of corporate America sitting next to the ivory tower acadamiac socialists from our nation’s finest institutions of higher learning who are single handedly caulking the establishment of a spectacle of sports that would be second to none…a playoff system in college football that would crown a clear cut king with no questions asked! (more…)